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About the federation
About the Association
Welcome to Welcome to the web site of Association of Bulgarian football referees! Here you can find the latest news about our referees, refereeing topics and spicy interviews with our best referees. We offer a complete information about Bulgarian referees - only here you can learn who they are and what they do besides football. Each week we will discuss controversial situations in matches over the weekend. We will invite our former best referees to express their opinion. Each of you will also have the opportunity to comment.

The Association of Bulgarian football referees was established on June 29, 2005. Dimitar Parmakov was its first president. After his 3 years term of office Stefan Ormandjiev was elected. The Association is quite ambitious: to unite all referees, to promote them as respected persons in society, protect their rights and interests, to ensure collective contracts for sponsorship and health insurance. The Association works closely with BFU Referee Committee, organizes workshops and sports competitions, provides consultancy and legal assistance to referees. The Association is not active in trade with the exception of the sale of assets or property donated and with revenue helps its activities.
 Stefan Stoyanov Ormandjiev 
Date of birth: 29 march 1953
Former BFU Vice-president, Chairman of CSKA Supervisory board and Chairman of BFU Referee Committee.
Become a referee in 1983. He has 107 matches in “A” group. International referee from 1994 to 1998 with 32 European matches.
UEFA Delegate and Referee observer since 1999.
 Honorary president – Prof. Dimitar Parmakov
Date of birth:
He has been twice in his career a Chairman of BFU Referee Committee 1971-1978 and 1983-1989. International referee. He has 116 matches in “A’ group. FIFA lecturer.
Executive committee
Anton Genov – Vice-President
Nikola Djuganski – Member
Krassimir Kerezov - Member
  Kostadin Purzulov – Member
Nedelcho Chakurov – Member
Kuncho Dimitrov – Member
 Dimitar Vluchkov
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