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Georgi Yordanov with the knightly sword as a referee of the Year 2013
Created on 12/24/2013 11:47:38 AM

Georgi Yordanov with the knightly sword as a referee of the Year 2013

Georgi Yordanov has been crowned as a referee of the Year 2013 at the annual awards, organized by the Association of Bulgarian Football Referees. The ceremony has been held for the fifth consecutive year with the support of MAG Communications - general sponsor, Mtel, Domko Bulgaria, restaurant "Victoria" and Sportonline.bg.

"Grand Hotel Sofia" has been the host of the event and "Triadica" Hall has been filled with current and former referees, Bulgarian Football Union and Professional League members, media representatives and guests.

As a tradition, the winner Georgi Yordanov has received a knightly sword from the president of MAG Communications Krassen Kralev. All nominees have been awarded special plaques and VIP cards from "Victoria" restaurant. The winners in each category were surprised by Mtel with mobile phones.

The ceremony has been opened by the President of ABFR Stefan Ormandjiev.

The winner of the first category "The most prosperous assistant referee" is 25 years old Deniz Sokolov from Sofia in a competition of Dragomir Milev and Milen Arabadzhiev. Talents were awarded by the BFU Vice President Michael Kasabov and member of ABFR Board Krasimir Kerezov.

Angel Bayaltsaliev is the winner of “The most prosperous referee” category. He was awarded by BFU CEO Borislav Popov and former referee Kancho Dimitrov who is currently an ASFB board member.
Galia Echeva from Veliko Tarnovo was named as the most prosperous referee. Pleased to greet her for her first award was the owner of "Domko Bulgaria" Vladimir Mikov. For the second consecutive year “The best assistant referee” became Ekaterina Marinova and her plaque was presented by Ilonka Dzhaleva - former international referee and current instructor from "Sofia" zone. Marinova received an additional award from ABFR for her excellent performance at the European Women U 17 Championships in England this fall.

Borislav Kolev is once again the winner of the “Futsal referee of the Year” special award, presented to him by Anton Genov – Vice-president of the Association.

Plaques were awarded to three ladies who ended their refereeing careers this year Kamena Georgieva, Denitza Krumova and Donka Zheleva. Two assistant referees aged 45 Petko Pavlov and Nikolay Petrov also receieved their plaques for the end of career from Kostadin Gerginov and Georgi Kamishev.

Former elite referee Nichola Yonov, who has 101 matches in "A" group deserved the prize “Long term refereeing activity”.

This year for the first time journalists came on stage - Ivaylo Angelov (Bulgarian National TV) and Ilian Enev (TV7), earned recognition as the most objective television commentators. Their awards were handed by Jordan Hristoskov - member of BFU Executive Committee, responsible for the Referees Committee and Detelin Bayaltsaliev. Krum Stoilov won the prize for "Assistant Referee of the Year” in a competition of  Ivo Kolev and Dian Valkov. Kolev received an additional prize for his performance at the European U 21 Championships held earlier this year in Israel.
The charming Christiana Guteva is № 1 for the second year. This time she is a winner of "Referee of the Year" category. Twelve months ago she was named as the most prosperous football referee.

Great prizes went to Georgi Yordanov just two days after he has turned 40. He will send the most successful year in his refereeing career. The plaque was awarded by Stefan Ormandzjiev, and the sword by Krassen Kralev. The runners-up in this category Tsvetan Krastev and Nikola Popov were awarded by the Chairman of the Referees Committee - Nikola Dzhuganski, who supported the choice of Yordanov as № 1. "Georgi maintained a very high and constant level throughout the year without any hesitation in his performance. That gave me an option to rely on him for each round of the championships." said Dzhuganski after the ceremony.




Most prosperous assistant referee: Deniz Sokolov
Runners-up: Dragomir Milev and Milen Arabadjiev

Most prosperous referee: Angel Bayaltsaliev
Runners-up: Martin Stoimenov and Stoyan Denev

Most prosperous referee: Galya Echeva

Best assistant referee: Ekaterina Marinova

Referee of the Year: Christiana Guteva

Best assistant referee: Krum Stoilov
Runners-up: Ivo Kolev and Dian Valkov

Referee of the Year 2013: Georgi Yordanov
Runners-up: Tsvetan Krastev and Nikola Popov


Futsal Referee of the Year: Borislav Kolev

"End of refereeing career":
Kamena Georgieva, Denitza Krumova, Donka Zheleva, Petko Pavlov and Nikolay Petrov

"The most objective television commentator":
Ivaylo Angelov (Bulgarian National TV) and Ilian Enev ( TV7 )

"Pro Media Group" award:
Anton Genov

“Long term refereeing activity”:
Nikola Yonov


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