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Georgi Kabakov was elected as "Referee №1 in Bulgaria"
Created on 2/5/2016 8:02:27 PM

Georgi Kabakov was elected as "Referee №1 in Bulgaria"

Georgi Kabakov was elected as "Referee №1 in Bulgaria" of 2015 in the traditional survey of the Association of Bulgarian football referees. The referee from Plovdiv received a traditional sword awarded by the Deputy Minister of Sport Asen Markov. He replaced the stylish ceremony in Grand Hotel "Sofia" Minister Krassen Kralev, who was in urgent cases in Varna. 

Runners of Kabakov became international referee from Petrich Ivaylo Stoyanov, who was the winner last year, and Tasko Taskov from Sofia. They were awarded by the vice president of BFU Atanas Furnadjiev. 

"I want to thank my lovely wife, my family and all who have helped me in my development as a soccer referee," said Georgi Kabakov. In 2015 he made a series of good performances in though matches at home and abroad, was among the participants at the European Championship for juniors up to 17 years in Greece. Georgi Kabakov is in the second category of the rankings of international referees in UEFA and have chances for promotion in the future.


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