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UEFA to use Goalline Technology at EURO 2016
Created on 2/6/2016 5:41:53 PM

UEFA to use Goalline Technology at EURO 2016


What has already been indicated has now been confirmed: UEFA's Executive Committee headed by Gianni Infantino has decided to implement Goalline Technology (GLT) at the EURO 2016 finals in France - on top of the usual Additional Assistant Referee (AAR) system. 

For now it has not been clarified what kind of GLT system UEFA is going to use - most likely it will be the field-tested Goal Control system based on multiple cameras "under the roof" of the stadiums such as at Brazil's World Cup 2014. Pierluigi Collina had already made clear that the deployment of GLT would not lead to the abolishment of the AAR system:  

"The additional assistants' main task is not to control the goal line and decide whether a ball has crossed it. Rather, they are responsible for monitoring everything that is happening in the penalty area overall, aiding the main referee in making important decisions in the box. Of course, the AARs try to do their best relating to goal-line decisions as well, and what we have noticed is that in order to be prepared to judge goal-line incidents, they need to focus on the goal line before the ball arrives… therefore, they can miss something occurring at the same time in another place in the area. This may reduce the effectiveness of the assistance they are expected to offer the referee. With goal-line technology, the additional assistants are released from this demanding task and can focus exclusively on the control of other incidents on the field.", he told UEFA.com.


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