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Marc Batta: Bulgarian referees should be more confident
Created on 2/5/2016 7:57:45 PM

Marc Batta: Bulgarian referees should be more confident

The UEFA supervisor of the Bulgarian referees Marc Batta was in Sofia at the seminar for the observers in professional football. "I’ve watched a lot of the Bulgarian matches for few weeks and I think the level of the refereeing is good. I watched some of the referees, who are 40-42. And I also watched matched of some young referees and I think the level is correct", said Batta. 

For the problems of the Bulgarian referees, he said: "I can't say for a few weeks what is the problem. But definitely they have to work, to work a lot. They have to improve their physical condition. They must be more confident and to have a trust to all football family. The good level is not enough, it needs more work", added one of the refereeing officers of the UEFA's Referee Committee. 

"I'll be a consultant, of course, but I'm not going to work only with top referees. I think that in Bulgaria there are many good young referees who will be among the top referees within 3-4 years. I'm sure that if there is work, there will also be a success. These referees, who are appointed in the big leagues and big finals, they are professionals, they work 24 hours a day. But it needs a lot of work, and I consider that Bulgaria can have an elite referee", added the Frenchman.


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