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BFU didn’t accept the Referee’s Committee Chairman resignation
Created on 10/11/2010 7:50:08 PM

BFU didn’t accept the Referee’s Committee Chairman resignation

The BFU Executive Committee didn’t accept the resignation of Kostadin Kostadinov -Chairman of Referee Committee. „We are pleased with his work and therefore we gave him a new vote. We think he manages as Chairman of the Referee Committee. The seminars were held at high level. Kostadinov is a honorable man.He doesn’t order referees how to perform. We  listened to him carefully, we asked him questions that he answers thoroughly. We will ask him to have more control over referees. He was asked to reduce media appearances because they don’t benefit anyone", explained BFU President Borislav Mihailov. Previously, Kostadin Kostadinov didn’t reveal what the discussionswith members of the Executive Committee were. He called up for tolerance to young referees and their mistakes.

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